Fasty123’s Dudeperson11 vs Sgtpingo12 Story

March 28, 2007

Sorry I didn’t post it earlier Fasty123 but I couldn’t find it. Oh well here it is:

A Day with Sgtpingo,Dudeperson,G, and asiabobasia

One day Asiabobasia was walking in town, when all of the sudden Dudeperson11 jumped out of the bushes. “Aaaaaaah!” She yelled. “what may be wrong miss?” Dudeperson11 asked. “Uh nothing.” She answered. “I’m hungry” he said “me too” she agreed. “lets go to lunch.” “Ok” So they did. They invited Sgtpingo12 and G. When Asiabobasia, Dudeperson11,Sgtpingo, and G had just ordered, a bell sounded. It was the alarm! “Nooo! I won’t leave my pizza!” Sgtpingo12 yelled. “Fine” Asiabobasia answered. “Bring it with” Bit when they had gotten outside, G remebered, “Oh my! I set off the alarm for testing!” “G!” Asiabobasia,Sgtpingo12, and Dudeperson11 all yelled. “Oh, lets go back in. They’ll be plenty of seats” G said “I don’t want a seat! I want my pizza!” Sgtpingo yelled “And alot of pizza” added G. “Oh goody!” Sgtpingo yelled. As soon as everything got settled again, the alarm went off AGAIN “G!” Everyone yelled. “Okay okay, I forgot to turn off the alarm” G said hurriedly. He went and turned the alarm off. Then after everything got settled, things ran smoothly for about an hour, except the accaisonall shout; “Oh goody goody! Pizza!” from Sgtpingo.
After that hour, the alarm went of for real! “It’s real this time, I swear!” G yelled before anyone could say anything. “Get out everyone!” They did. “Where’s Sgtpingo?” Asiabobasia asked “SGTPINGO!” G yelled loudly. “Y-y-yes?” A voice said. “Did you set off the alarm?” G asked the voice “y-y-yeah G. I wanted all of the pizza to myself.” The voice answered. It was Sgtpingo! “What the… Oh my god!” Dudeperson said. When everything got settled AGAIN the alarm went off AGAIN. “OH no. Whats it this time” G said. “Oh my god!” Said asiabobasia. “Its burglers!Get out! Get out! Get out!” “Oh please” Dudeperson said. It really was. They were armed! “Dudeperson. trust me!” she yelled. “Fine fine” he said in no hurry “Look!” Asiaabobasia said, pionting. “Oh my God!” Dudeperson yelled. “Let’s get out of here!” “Thats what I was saying.” Asiabobasia said grumpily when they had safely gotten out. “I’m never going to pizza with Sgtpingo or G again!” Dudeperson said. ” Me either” Asiabobasia answered.

The End.

How do you like it?

Thanks Fasty!


Two Funny Pics & Mission 3 news

March 28, 2007

OK first I’m going to tell you that I’m making an animated tutorial for Mission 3. But in the meantime to keep you happy I’ve made two new funny pics.

I’m telling Sgtpingo12’s puffle a secret here
puffle secret

I’m bouncing my puffle up and down on my head. It doesn’t look very good but it’s just a bit of fun.
Puffle Keepy uuupppyyy

mrjanga aka Adam Janga out

Drunken Puffles Funny Pic

March 25, 2007

I just quickly made a new funny pic. It is the sequel to drunken penguins.

Drunken Puffles


25th March Update

March 25, 2007

Today I made the sequel to Pimp My Penguin:

The club penguin gangster.

The Club Penguin Gangster

Also I found out how to make snowcastles. Go to the beach, and keep hovering your mouse over the spade and bucket until there is a snowcastle.


I can’t believe I didn’t find that out before. Oh well, cya!

New Mission

March 23, 2007

Go to

The new mission is apparently coming out soon. Here is the proof:

Vanishing coins newspaper report includes things like the sports shop guy saying about it getting solved.

Also there is a new notice in the Agent HQ to show proof:
Trouble Brewing

Also there are pictures of the drawings in the club penguin blog:

Town Sketch

Spy 3 Night Club

Hope it’s a good mission.

mrjanga aka Adam Janga ~ out.

My Animation

March 23, 2007

Here is my animation. By the way visit (I am an admin on it.)

Hope you like my animation!

Ski Mountain Animation


mrjanga aka Adam Janga ~ out.

Time Warp Cheat (21st March 2nd Post of the day)

March 21, 2007

OK before this was Password Protected but not anymore as you cannot actually become a tour guide, secret agent or ninja with it.

Time Warp Cheat
1. Edit the time to a later date without entering club penguin e.g. 2013. (Adjust Date by going to bottom right corner of the screen and right clicking then going on adjust date/time)

2. Login fully on Club Penguin.

3. Click on the question mark in the corner of the blue bar where your chat box goes.

4. It should say your penguin is old/very old depending on time you set it.
Time Warp Cheat

Have fun. If you set back the time it will go back to the age it used to be.

mrjanga aka Adam Janga out.