Good Sites

May 10, 2007

Yo since nothing is happening on Club Penguin at the moment I’ll give you some cool sites to check out.

Club Penguin Full Screen



Purple Pirate (Yeehaw!)




Festival Of Snow

February 10, 2007

OK first thing check out the dojo the most amazing Ice Sculpture is there in the middle. And here is the free stuff:

Ice Crowns
Free Ice Crowns in between pet shop and pizza parlor in Plaza.
Free Ice Crowns

Snowflake T-shirts
Free Snowflake T-shirts on top of mountain.
Free Snowflake T-shirts

Rockhopper’s Ship The Migrator
The Migrator is back with a belt!!!

Go to the usual place for it.
The Migrator December

And then click recieve item!!!
Free Pirate Belt

That is all pin coming 19th I think!

Free membership on Club Penguin

February 6, 2007

You know you all want it. It would be great. Me myself I am not a member and I really want to be one. If you do want to be one then sign the petition for free membership at

We all need to sign it so that club penguin is a better place.

Thanks to DeSalvionjr(clubpenguinfans) for posting it on the site. We need you to sign it. Also please say you are from this site to others so that me and everyone else on this site get rewarded.
(Apart from the rebels here) Nikki has gone back to her good old Chill664 times and has become a lot more prefered by us here. Chill664 is here again. But wolf clan, why did you leave? Noooooooo!!!

mrjanga aka Adam Janga