Good Sites

May 10, 2007

Yo since nothing is happening on Club Penguin at the moment I’ll give you some cool sites to check out.

Club Penguin Full Screen



Purple Pirate (Yeehaw!)




April Fools Day

March 30, 2007

Today the April Fools Day party starts!!! There are 2 new items: funny faces and… THE PROPELLOR HAT!!! It’s great that the propellor hat is back (and in a new colour!) to fly with it just wear nothing except the hat then dance and hey presto! You are flying.

OK here’s where to get the gifts and pin.

New Pin
The new pin (a box) is at the dock. Hover your mouse over all the boxes until the pin is out!
a box

Propellor Hat
The Propellor Hat is at the mine in the bottom-right corner.
Propellor Hats

Funny Face
Funny Faces

There are the gifts and pin. Here are the funny pics from the changed dojo.

Here is me flying a little too high with my propellor hat.
Flying High

The pencil is threatening me in this funny pic.
Evil Pencil

Happy April Fools Day!!!

mrjanga aka Adam Janga ~ out.

Mission 3 Help Animation

March 29, 2007

Here is the animated guide for the Secret Agent mission 3. Watch it if you are stuck on the mission.

Mission 3 video guide

It should help and by the way I gave bluekid94 and tylerhere permission to use thison thier site.

Two Funny Pics & Mission 3 news

March 28, 2007

OK first I’m going to tell you that I’m making an animated tutorial for Mission 3. But in the meantime to keep you happy I’ve made two new funny pics.

I’m telling Sgtpingo12’s puffle a secret here
puffle secret

I’m bouncing my puffle up and down on my head. It doesn’t look very good but it’s just a bit of fun.
Puffle Keepy uuupppyyy

mrjanga aka Adam Janga out


February 28, 2007

Sorry I was gone for so long I was on holiday!!! Anyway the pizzatron 3000 is out now and there is a cheat with it.

Lever Cheat
Pull the lever and you will get candy pizza and stuff like that!!! It’s great!!!

– mrjanga aka Adam Janga

New Pin

February 19, 2007

Wassup people? Sorry that I was gone for so long I was on holiday…

New Pin
The new pin (an icecube) is at the iceberg. Picture coming up later when I have the time.

See ya.

Festival Of Snow

February 10, 2007

OK first thing check out the dojo the most amazing Ice Sculpture is there in the middle. And here is the free stuff:

Ice Crowns
Free Ice Crowns in between pet shop and pizza parlor in Plaza.
Free Ice Crowns

Snowflake T-shirts
Free Snowflake T-shirts on top of mountain.
Free Snowflake T-shirts

Rockhopper’s Ship The Migrator
The Migrator is back with a belt!!!

Go to the usual place for it.
The Migrator December

And then click recieve item!!!
Free Pirate Belt

That is all pin coming 19th I think!