Crackdown is an amazing mess around, sandbox mode, masterpiece!

You can play online with your friends! Play football with cars! Jump super high! Do pullups at sixty feet! Take out criminals! Do tricks with cars! Be the new non-flying superman!

If you get an XBOX 360, just buy this. It is great. Just get this game.

~mrjanga aka Adam Janga out.


7 Responses to CRACKDOWN

  1. xanfer says:

    sounds cool

  2. 2penguin23 says:

    any one have a wii???

  3. i hate you enguin rules. even though call of duty 4 modern warefare is better.hey go to type downn call of dutty 4 modern warefare and post it. i wacthed the video it seems like a movue not a gonna get it!!!

  4. malvis says:

    Please Visit my website… It gives a lot of info about Club Penguin and it has a lot of funny stuff on it… IT HAS MTV SCARRED CLIPS!!!
    Heres a Link

    and please add me to your blogroll if you wish PLEASE 🙂

  5. Спасибо за пост. Позновательно.

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