I’m still here

Yes I’m back look at the new header!!! Much better and much quicker to make than the old scruffy ones.

But, one thing, this site is hardly about Club Penguin anymore.

It is now a gaming site with loads of stuff to read and see. I will make banners and forum signatures for anybody.

By the way there is a great game called Just Cause which I recommend you buying. See why here:

My friend has a video camera which we film lego videos with. We might put them on YouTube.

Just Cause


8 Responses to I’m still here

  1. coolboy43 says:

    I am a spammer whee!

  2. Purple Pirate says:

    I am Purple Pirate and I am dumb. Go to this site: http://www.tylerhere.wordpress.com, don’t go to http://www.purplepirate.wordpress.com, it is crap.

  3. coolboy43 says:

    You weren’t ‘hacked’ I just changed it because it said go to this site etc and that is spamming.

  4. puppygal376 says:

    This sounds like it’s becoming a cool site. This may sound weird but I luv video games! Lol. I have a Wii! Oh yeah! Uh-huh! Sorry. I had a moment there. Lol.

  5. coolboy43 says:

    well could you not spam using my name

  6. jkjoe says:

    I hate this site now

  7. malvis says:

    please visit my site malvis.wordpress.com

  8. I bet all you guys have heard of our “Win A Year’s Membership to Club Penguin” competition.

    So far we have had exactly 14 entries! So if you enter you stand a pretty good chance of getting a year of Club Penguin membership for free!

    Go to http://looks-cool.co.uk for details.

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