Two Funny Pics & Mission 3 news

OK first I’m going to tell you that I’m making an animated tutorial for Mission 3. But in the meantime to keep you happy I’ve made two new funny pics.

I’m telling Sgtpingo12’s puffle a secret here
puffle secret

I’m bouncing my puffle up and down on my head. It doesn’t look very good but it’s just a bit of fun.
Puffle Keepy uuupppyyy

mrjanga aka Adam Janga out


12 Responses to Two Funny Pics & Mission 3 news

  1. Fasty123 says:

    Good one mrjanga!

  2. army navy 09 says:

    i dont get it……………

  3. puppygal376 says:

    I like the first one! The second one I wasn’t sure about…

  4. JELLY says:

    what the

  5. blu blu says:


  6. sandy says:

    ahhh how do u do that hotty

  7. Tigirl says:

    LOL…..oh that was good. “Hey little puffle, I wann tell u a secret…”>LOL>

  8. clubpenguinz111 says:

    *totally you can tell you cut bla bla bla and paste bla bla bla it was so fake*

  9. starkon23 says:

    thats cool but its fake and ui can do that!

  10. click here says:

    Thanks! This helped a lot! I’ve read a few
    rather confusing sites lately, this cleared up a lot confusion I had.

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