Purplegirl94’s pics

Here are Purplegirl94’s funny pics that I have chosen for the site.

Duckie Forie Salie

Spring Cleaning



8 Responses to Purplegirl94’s pics

  1. nebraska95 says:

    on the first pictures how did you have 2 penguins with the same names

  2. Pricess says:

    Hey Good pics

  3. luvtigers says:

    dudeperson11 i really want to meet you im usually on belly slide on 3rd flag at pizza place.PLZ GO I REALLY REALLY WANT TO MEET YOU CAUSE UR TOTALLY AWESOME AND MY NAME ON CLUBPENGUIN IS TIGERGAL6575!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH AND REALLY GREAT WEBSITE.THANX BUHBYE

  4. yo
    how do u do that??? i was like man!!!! wow that is some kool stuff!!!
    look for my on club penguin!!!!!!!!! we can be buddys!!!!!!! my names r texasdude99,it takes5ive, brockers432,dog brady 10 and pigbreath.

    see u later!
    see u later mabe on club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!
    from,texasdude99,it takes5ive,brockers432,dog brady 10 and pigbrath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. helpguy says:

    go to helpguy.wordpress.com

  6. ICblue22 says:

    Dude make more photos
    PS Im a hottie

  7. misshappy says:

    yeah that is pretty cool except there is only two. have you actaully noticed????!!!

  8. Sneha108 says:

    good….. two pictures…. ever even ‘think’ of putting more?

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