Tour Guides

Hi here I am to tell you about the tour guides.

Dudeperson22 tours

Go to Plaza and click on the tour booth. You will have to answer some questions.

The answers are all randomly done so i’ll just tell you the hard ones.

A shark is in Jetpack Adventure and The Viking Helmet is in every catalog.

Those are the hard ones.

11 Responses to Tour Guides

  1. i have more than one ban so i cant be one

  2. pascal says:

    i get a tour. say me the answers PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mrjanga says:

    hey penguinkiller I have been banned before. But I still got to be a tour guide!!!

  4. Fl Gater says:

    if u r banned only one time then they let you slide

  5. mrjanga says:

    oh yeah he said MORE than once.

  6. lil jon15 says:

    This sucks!

  7. ninglellis says:

    help me plzzzzzzzzzzz can u tell me all tour answer

  8. the dude12 says:

    hey guys i fownd a reall cool site its called
    it rox plus its made bye my idole lol sorry i just really like rcarca10
    well i hope u like it as much as i do lol p.s. if u see rcarca10 plz tell me
    i want 2 be his buddy so much he rox!!

  9. tanya says:

    so i hear from club penguin kids said you were pretty cool and i belive it and i also you can also try me penguin and her name is vanilla shade my pasword is you bye

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