Hide and Seek nintenstar

Try and find nintenstar. Thanks for sending me this nintenstar!

Find Nintenstar

Click the picture for full size.

Send me your Club Penguin or Habbo Hotel pics at puredrak@hotmail.co.uk


29 Responses to Hide and Seek nintenstar

  1. Jibbernator1 says:

    your in the clump of snow at the left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chill664 says:


  3. magnificent says:

    Did you actually think that was hard?

  4. mrjanga says:

    I think it’s too easy.

  5. Chill664 says:

    way too easy if u ask me. but it was harder than yours mrjanga!!!!! ha ha ha!

  6. wolfclan says:

    yea i think your in the snow too!

  7. cheemer says:

    Where is it?
    i can see him!
    waa im stupid!

  8. luvtigers says:

    i found him the second i looked at him.!hes in the lump of snow next to chat bar on the left!thankyou very much!i have one to send and i hope yall can find me!P.S.~IM TIGERGAL6575 ON CLUB PENGUIN

  9. i love this person that loves anotah person which is my fwend and my fwends likes dat perosn too :( says:

    found him

  10. Alex 100000 (name on club penguin) says:

    your on the clump of snow! 🙂

  11. mebbie says:

    this website is so cool. every cheat i tried worked because i am so cool and fabolous and if these cheats didn’t work for you then your really stupid and lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ***** says:

    4 the march catalog the guy holdin the pizza well if u double clik on the pizza a viking helmet will apear clik on it the exit out on the viking helmet box keep clikin on it and xin out then the blue 1 will apear wen the blue 1 apears clik on the cofee pot tht the cofee person is holdin and u get the gold viking helmet and u can buy it enjoy it thts all i hav 2 now

  13. ***** says:

    i hav ander cheat ok… go 2 the top of the light house and start dancin the clik on the tekoscope but dont stop dancin and u will be dancin while lookin thro the teloscope but u cant c ur self then if u x out of the teloscope u will still be dancin

  14. ***** says:

    the new pin is at the second floor of the night club on 1 of the tables enjoy

  15. ***** says:

    in pizza tron 3000 if u @ the main menu were it says start press the red lever tht has a pizza on top of it and a piece of candy so any ways if u clik it u can make candy pizzas

  16. ***** says:

    also if u go 2 the march catolog the if u clik on the top middle white part of the leprocon tuxedo u can get a green bow

  17. ***** says:

    in the atik of the ski lodge if u go on the blue couch and just clik on the part tht conects the red couch 2 the blue couch at the bottom then u should be standin in mid air its kool

  18. ***** says:

    o ya if u need any cheats from me my penguin is satisfied23

  19. ***** says:

    also at the beach if u put ur mose on the shuvle in the bucket enouph then it will fill the bouket then put ur mouse on the bucket and it will make a sand castle

  20. ***** says:

    and if u put ur mouse on the horse in the top floor of the ski lodge it rox bak and forth

  21. Fasty123 says:

    I can’t find him!

  22. hey hey hey its fatalbert!!!!
    just wanted to meet u some time ok by!
    my names:texasdude99,it takes5ive,brockers432,dog brady 10 and pigbreath

    see u on club penguin!
    from texasdude99 and all the others

  23. Penguingrl123 says:

    That was way to easy!!!!!!!!

  24. Saara, Maddy, Bon and Grace! says:

    hey evry1 its us again we just wanted 2 say that if u r a member and u want coins then e-mail ur username and password to bon_bon_95_10@hotmail.com
    and we will get u coins. if u sent us ur account then tell us on this website so we can check our e-mails. p.s. don’t worry we don’t ban ppl and we play club penguin ourselves so yer… anyway cya 🙂

  25. SOIL876 says:


  26. Daiyan says:

    I think c;ub penguin should be more like suare words and thigs like that insted of rockhopper i think habbo hotels way better

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