Igloo Catalogue Secrets January


Big Screen-TV (yes, it’s still in the same place)
Big-Screen TV Dec 06

Set Logs On Fire
You can have some fire-making fun by clicking the logs. 😀

Igloo Upgrades

Snow Globe
Tired of your floor? Get the snow globe! Press the ‘S’ now! 😀
Snow Globe2

Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo
Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo

There ya go. Have fun!

7 Responses to Igloo Catalogue Secrets January

  1. cp member says:

    thanks yay me first

  2. Womrocker says:

    yay second to post

    o ya

    as of 2day

    i am 693 days old

    P.S.- I have been in club penguin since it started

  3. fklajsdhlkfjhsdlkfh says:

    this secrets suck!!!!!!!!

  4. fklajsdhlkfjhsdlkfh says:

    i have a penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  5. fklajsdhlkfjhsdlkfh says:

    i have sex with am

  6. bbbbbbbbbbbb says:

    u make me sick cock suckers

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