Clothing Catalogue Secrets

Hello I have finally started to get back to Club Penguin. Great to be back, here are the secrets.

First there is a red viking helmet. Click the brown part of the pot then the viking helmet.
Viking Helmet red

Secondly there is a magneta scarf. Click the blue jersey!!!
Magneta Scarf

Look out for igloo catalogue secrets!!!

5 Responses to Clothing Catalogue Secrets

  1. Fasty123 says:

    I already know those cheats. I figured them out on my own. I learned that there where secret items in the F.I.S.H. book in the Secret Agent Headquarters.

  2. BALLIN says:

    do u know how to sink the iceberg?

  3. panda345 says:

    bad cheats

  4. ponkonwon says:

    there aint no secret items in the fish book

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