Red Maracas Party

Me and some guy called Purplenstuff started up a craze of penguins going red and dancing with maracas. The picture is below. Look out for catalogue cheats!

Red Maracas

11 Responses to Red Maracas Party

  1. greeny says:

    This is so cool. But why did they do thi :)?

  2. moneyrulz says:

    at wat times do u play cp at and on wat server and wat r the main places u go

  3. moneyrulz says:

    and check out my site plz

  4. go to

  5. kef9opt1cne says:

    I should try that

  6. lilly10110 says:

    I PROMISE I DID OR U STOLE MY IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Fasty123 says:

    Hi poeple! I am having fun with the maracas! DANCE DANCE DANCE! I am new, and i have a question: How do u use those emotion icon thingies? 🙂

  8. Fasty123 says:

    OH i get it now. sorry. :*)

  9. Zoozoodeem says:


  10. lilly10110 says:

    I CANT BELEIVE U COPEID ME! by the way come to to find alot of cool cheats for CP!!

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