New admin

Hi every one i am the new moderator of this site and i will be around a lot! you will see me in clubpenguin a lot and my name is LILMIZZ! I KNOW YOU LOVE THIS SITE BUT IM GOING TO MAKE IT BETTER WITH KEWL NEW QUIZZES AND COMPETTIONS SO PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH. i would also like to say that i hate bad language and i would like it if thre wasnt any so all the clubpenguin fans can visit this website hassle free.
Until then…Waddle on!
Posted by lilmizz!

mrjanga’s (the real site owner, the one who got this popular blah blah blah) comment: That isn’t gonna happen lilmizz!!! I have changed password. Aunt Arctic page? (what the hell???) anyway I’m back lilmizz back off you are not the admin anymore.


32 Responses to New admin

  1. Lilmizz says:

    Hi im lilmizz and i hope you like what im going to do with the website!
    Waddle on!

  2. danny says:

    hey what does xxx mean

  3. CellFoney says:

    lalala I am cooler than you

  4. Taliana says:

    r u blue puffley????

  5. Taliana says:

    please go on cp with me!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Taliana says:

    i am 2 bored 2 do anything but cp!!!!

  7. Hey people! I am Miley Cyrus! I go on club penguin too, but I barely have time! Heres my user name! bestofme2007

  8. Mia says:

    How are you? I’m good!

  9. Taliana says:

    does anyone wanna go on cp with me????

  10. Mia says:

    Do you go on club penguin?

  11. Mia says:

    I will I guess… Whats ur user?

  12. Taliana says:

    i am soooooooooo bored right now!!!

  13. Taliana says:

    oh my name is taliana

  14. Taliana says:

    how about 3rd flag, crunch server, coffee shop???

  15. Taliana says:

    thatz wat im on now

  16. Taliana says:

    wats ur uzr name????

  17. Taliana says:


  18. Fasty123 says:

    Lilmizz I don’t think should be our new admin. I mean, I haven’t even known about this site for 5 hours, but what I have learned has basically told my that Lilmizz SHOULDN’T be a new admin

  19. eh……..i dont care whos the new admin

  20. mrjanga says:

    lilmizz isn’t an admin anymore.

  21. Issy says:

    there are free hats in the coffee shop!

  22. Issy says:

    there r free armbands in the plaza!

  23. Issy says:

    The new pin is in the pizza palor on the piano!!

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