Countdown To Tommorow

Don’t ask me why I called this post what I have called it. I just wanted a change from December 21st Update or something.

We are all looking forward to tommorow’s celebration of Christmas!!! There is gonna be a new pin and probably free clothes!!! I am completely looking forward to it.


9 Responses to Countdown To Tommorow

  1. toesinty says:

    hi I hope you dont mind me doing this!go to my website It has sum seriously kl stuff and join up in my army!the CPP

  2. mrjanga says:

    What do you hope I don’t mind you doing???

  3. crob2014 says:

    go to

  4. Chill664 says:

    she doesnt hope u mind her doin a cheat page just like u! omg u have INSPIRED her! u know u should write a book….

  5. joey says:

    how to get unlimed coins becouse i want a upgrad for my house???????????????

  6. mrjanga says:

    lol chill664. Joey I don’t think you can

  7. Fasty123 says:

    Hey! I watch AFV. Do any of u guys? I also play Club Penguin. Its sooooooooooooooo much fun. “)

  8. jelly says:

    how do u put a picture near your name mrjanga? ❓

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