December 18th Update

Hey everyone another person’s cheat!!! I want more! MORE!!! Ah well here it is:

Chill664 said:

hey hey! also a cheat to move other penguins furnature around!! its cool! (this is only for secret agents! sorry for the people who arent secret agents! really im sorry!)
okay so go in your igloo…
click on the tap measurer to edit your igloo, then click on ur penguin!
when you do this, click on the spy phone and go to HQ with the edit screen still up!
then click on map and go into other people’s igloos and move their things around!
but the bad thing is only YOU can have the sheer joy of it, because other penguins can’t see what your doing! only YOU can! Oh well!

Thanks for that Chill664! We need you for more cheats & secrets. Click Here to submit one.


8 Responses to December 18th Update

  1. bla bla bla says:

    Nope!!!!! yu can not be a secres agent and move stuff arond!
    1. Stand as far away from your door as you can
    2. Clik on your door
    3. Then clik on the mesure thing as your walking to the door
    4. When the map pops up go to a members igloo
    5. Done!

  2. poepie112 says:

    ym wil member en 10000000 mony plz

  3. Sahara says:

    I would like to know how to get past the level 10 of the secret levels on Astro-Barrior In Club Penguin.
    Thanks alot.

  4. vipe penguin says:

    Press 1 2 or three when playing astro barrier it will teloporlt you to lvl 10 20 or 30

  5. haloman1167 says:

    betwene levles 30 and 31 wait until the blue ship thingy comes up shoot it and expert levles

  6. mrjanga says:


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