December 17th Update

Hi everyone! Yo yo yo! Here is another quick secret made my someone else.

Padelic said:

Trick 4 getting your puffles in perfect moods:
1. Make it have a bath. Do this be fore anything else!
2. Feed it.
After doing these 2 simple steps your puffle will be very happy! you can have it for a walk for a VERY long time!


Thanks for that Padelic. By the way I the funny pics page and secret agents page have been updated.


4 Responses to December 17th Update

  1. Padelic says:

    hey!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! you posted it! hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cutiepie8940 says:

    That isn’t much of a cheat. I already knew that.

  3. alllsfff says:

    Not to sound rude but I already new that or to not waste as much money why don’t you play with it give it some rest THEN feed it you only spend 10 coins on that one the other one you had to spend 15 coins!

  4. Vennessa2 says:

    i knew that, but anyway nice website!

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