December 16th Stuff

Hey here is today’s stuff!!! Yeah…

End Up At Arrow To Dock
Go to nightclub. Click on top-right corner of door and kepp cliking until outside. Now you should be at the arrow.
Path To Dock

Shake Snow Globe Igloos
To shake these type of igloos simply go to this type of igloo and click where it says SHAKE!
Snow Globe

Become The Dancing Green Puffle
To become the dancing puffle go to the nightclub and walk behind the bottom-right speaker so that the speech bubble is above the green puffle’s head. Picture below soon going to Funny Pics.
Peanut Butter Puffle

OK that’s enough for now.


One Response to December 16th Stuff

  1. Penquineitan says:

    i like your chat in non chat worlds it works but im doing it with my sisters account so i wont get in trouble for talking

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