December 14th Update

Wow, big update tommorow! New catalogue out tommorow!!! Secrets coming tommorow too! Also the christmas tree is up!!! W00T W00T!!!

Not much today though.

But the new Newspaper is up!

New Pin
To get the new pin, go on C’mon And Give Some Cheer. Go to next page (Page A4) and click on one of the decorations.
Christmas Tree Decorations
Then buy the ornament (a christmas tree) for 50 coins. And there is your pin. Happy Pinning! Or something…

New Game (Thin Ice)
We are all looking forward to Thin Ice. On the newspaper, look at the page where it says about Thin Ice. Hover over the Thin Ice console to turn it on.
Thin Ice Arcade Game

Anyway that’s it. Sorry it was hardly anything. I did put up a new banner and 2 new pages though, so there’s something good out of it. See ya tommorow (the big day(loads of posts coming)).


5 Responses to December 14th Update

  1. me says:

    tell me how u get banned

  2. penipom4 says:


  3. seahamgirl95 says:

    help plz

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