December 12th Update 2nd Post

Hi everyone! I’ve got a bit of news lined up for you.

Events For The Cheat Site
Today and Tommorow – Funny Pictures page coming up today or tommorow.
December 15th – Secrets for new catalogues.
December 22nd – Secrets for free christmas clothing.
December 25th – Merry Christmas!!!
January 1st – New Catalogue Cheats and a Happy New Year.

How To Stand In Path To Snow Forts And Newspaper Dance
1) Go to Ski Mountain. Go to Bunnyhill.
2) On the way to Bunnyhill quickly open up your map.
3) Say yes when it asks you to go on Bunnyhill.
4) While skiing, click on Town.
Town Dec
5) When at town, quickly press w. To get down, click on coffee shop door and press w again then on coffee shop door.
6) Now walk towards the path to the Snow Forts. On the way, press w.
7) Now you have stopped, click on any penguin you want. Put it on the left hand side and have the send mail icon just on the edge of the screen.
8) Go on the newspaper. Now press d for dance or arrow keys to sit. (s for sit won’t work like this).
That’s the cheat. Like it?

That’s it for today but I have to catch up on my funny pics page sorry!

48 Responses to December 12th Update 2nd Post

  1. Supa dawg says:


  2. Supa dawg says:


  3. xtreame playa says:

    dude i dont under stand that can u explain it better

  4. xtreame playa says:

    i get it to number 4 but i dont understand 5 6 7

  5. mrjanga says:

    OK xtreame I’ll help you.

    5) On question 4, you had to click on town from the map. So when get there hit “w” on your keyboard.

    6) Ok the path to Snow Forts is on the right-hand side. You just have to click on the path there and then hit “w” on your keyboard once.

    7) Now just get up somebodie’s player card. (click on them) Just drag the player card to left hand side by clicking and holding down the thing sticking out of the top of the player card.

    That’s it I dunno what you don’t understand though that’s just to help.

  6. f u all (yes this means u!) says:

    hi um im uhhhhh……. confused!!!!!!!! arrrrrrrrgh!!! thbbbbbttttttt

  7. $Richgirl$ says:

    Hey i’ve tried cheat and it didn’t work. I’ve tried practicing it like uh about… 2 times and it doesn’t work for me

  8. mrjanga says:

    Hmm a lot of people don’t get this cheat…

  9. marty boy says:

    i do i did it loads of times

  10. Penquineitan says:

    somehow it worked in all the rooms so i went around saying i was god then i went up and threw snowballs it was on on Monday and everyone got angry at me. I was in mamoth im gonna try to do it again in the future
    i like doing it in the plaza so i can walk across the christmas tree.

  11. richard says:

    this is the best glitch ever!!! anyway can oher penguins see it?

  12. THIS is great but i dont really get the point

  13. rawr says:

    i get the cheat! you get to go way up high in the sky! but i don’t what he means by clicking on another person’s player card. but it is cool!

  14. mrjanga says:

    Hey to get up other player cards just click on any penguin you want.

  15. nuna32 says:

    mr.janga!!!!!!! i have been spying on your enemy cool2005kid..
    he told me the f word and you… help me.. all just because i told him to stop coping you

  16. The Cheater says:

    this website has tons of cheats i love it!!! thank u mrjanga u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. The Cheater says:

    i know how to dance with the news paper

    how to dance with the news paper
    1.log on

    2.Click on someone so their player card will appear on your screen

    3.Drag the player card all the way to the left corner of the screen but you can see your news paper still

    4. open the newspaper and click send mail to the persons player card

    5. press d or click on the actions button and dance!

    (6. if you want to show off click tab so u can talk)

  18. also just so you know my name is CKOOLKID not COOL2005KID so dont worry im not bad. But i saw his website and you are right so i will keep watch on him!

  19. um i did that cheat a lot more after that like maybe 5 times and now it will not let me do it anymore. instead of going up the wall all that i do is wave. can u please tell me whats going on if u know. GREAT CHEAT!

  20. ha ha ha ha W.T.F. most of those cheats dont work

  21. jelly says:


  22. Scorpy says:

    i know how to get a secret stone igloo!

  23. Scorpy says:

    any1 wanna know?

  24. Scorpy says:

    anybody therE?

  25. jelly says:

    hey jangamr when i hit w at town there was only waving not waklking up!

  26. marczoid95 says:

    it didn”t work for me i walk to the path press w and i walk up the coffee shop! HELP!!!

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