December 10th Update (yes I am a very quick updater)

Just a quickie today. It might help you though. Click Here to go back to Mr Janga on freewebs.

Extra Dances Without Any Clothes On
This is a fun cheat and it’s easy to do!
Okay here are the steps:

1) Take all your clothes off.

2) Exit the player card and go back on the player card.

3) Now put on clothes that give you extra dances (e.g.: pizza apron, hard hat etc.).

4) Without exiting the player card dance (press d)

5)Now you can exit the player card. Walk around the room and start dancing. You’ll be the envy of dancing penguins everywhere!

6) To stop this cheat, just walk into another room.

Cart Surfer Tricks
To grind: press down arrow key and left or right arrow key.
360 degrees jump: Jump and press left or right arrow key.
Backflip: Press down arrow key and jump.
Stand on cart: press up arrow key.
Fly: Jump and press up arrow key.
Cart Surfer Trick

Annoy Penguins
either rapidly keep pressing et or wear whistle and keep pressing w.

Flap Right Arm
Keep pressing w with or without whistle.

Ok everyone keep on commenting that’s it for today!


9 Responses to December 10th Update (yes I am a very quick updater)

  1. mrjanga says:

    Picture uploaded. Next post coming soon. Hope you liked today’s post!!!

  2. Queenie95 says:


    when you said flapping right arm…they are not actually flapping their arms. They are actually waving. the “W” stands for wave.

  3. mrjanga says:

    I know it just looks like it.

  4. DaddysGirlxo says:

    I like your cheats except the dancing without cloths didn’t work! PS do you know how to do the robot dance? PSS I dont I need you to tell me!

  5. anonymus says:

    to do robot dance u take off all clothes so u can only see paint. then open ur player card again, put on a clown suit but dont close the player card. press d to do a robot dance.

    ps. only u can see it

  6. anonymus says:

    i dont kno how to be a ninja but i heard u have to stand in the dojo for half hour without moving at all. u can pass the time by talking. ninja guys show up and ask if u wanna be a ninja. answer quickly

  7. alllsfff says:

    I hear that too!But i also hear that u have to be a penguin for 310 days!!!WOAH!!

  8. Bill says:

    you suck

  9. lany says:

    i hear that 2 wow but i also no that it has to be in November hum 😦

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