9th December Update

Hi everyone I’m back and here are some new secrets for the moment. Click Here for the original Mr Janga site.

New Pin
The new pin (a bonfire) is next to the big fire in the Ski Lodge (wooden hut in Ski Village).
December 8th Pin

Rockhopper’s ship
Rockhopper’s ship (The Migrator) has arrived again! The free item is a pirate bandana. To get it click on the trapdoor that says store next to it.
The Migrator December

Then click recieve item.
Migrator Free Item

Red Puffles
Hooray!!! Red Puffles! Available to non-members!!!
Ok, here are the tricks:
Bath: He/She will surf in the bath.
Food: Chewing Gum and Cookie have different ways of eating to Blue Puffle.
Sleeping: Completely the same as other puffles.
Playing: Without full health: Will do bowling With full health: Fires out of a cannon.
Red Puffle

Walk On Coffee Shop
Ok to do this first go to skiing hill,click on bunnyhill and while walking to it, click on map. Click yes when it asks you to join.
Now, once you are skiing, click town on map. Now hit the w key.

To get down just click somewhere on map or click on coffee shop door.

Ok that’s just about it. A small update I know but it’ll help.


10 Responses to 9th December Update

  1. mrjanga says:

    Hey everyone I have uploaded pictures on to this post so it’s better now

  2. DaddysGirlxo says:

    Hey! Can other penguins see you walk on the walls?????? REPLY QUICKLY!!!

  3. DaddysGirlxo says:

    Wow! It really works! But there’s one glitch! Whenever I typed, it made we walk up a wall again! I had to log off!

  4. mrjanga says:

    I think other penguins can see you walk on walls. I dunno I’ll check it out.

  5. raven gailey user name thunderboy23846 says:

    i like pie

  6. dude it dont work when i get to town my guy just waves do u press it once or rapidly

  7. mrjanga says:

    you press it rapidly.

  8. hello im koolio says:

    it worked it sooooooooooooooooo kool speaking of pie im hungry!

  9. im berry smash on cp says:

    the only way that the coffee shop wall thing works is if you are on this speciffic clubpenguin!http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf go to it(if it does not work type it into your address bar!)

  10. mrjanga says:

    it works on normal club penguin too.

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