December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas hope you all are having fun! Someone please post a valid cheat that I haven’t already posted.

Club Penguin is fuuun.



December 24, 2006

Hey everyone I have seen wolf clan’s rude message and I know that it was someone else using his name. So don’t go around blaming him

New Page

December 24, 2006

Hi everyone new page up to help prevent bad people swear and stuff like that. If too many people get rude I will have to put up moderation and delete this new page.


December 23, 2006

CONGRATULATIONS to these people. I just felt like congratulating them.


For meeting me finally and for becoming an admin.


For helping stop fallen159 swearing on a site for kids!!! They found it a bad influence for small kids according to Blondie. Thanks for doing that.

Everybody else if you see someone being rude tell me immediatelty on the newest post.

New Admin And The Bads

December 22, 2006

Hey everyone! New admin today.

Give it up for Penguineitan!!!

It was great to finally meet you Penguineitan, I’ve been looking forward to it.

We had some fun having a snowball battle in the Lighthouse. We were above they were below. Everyone were using the walk on lighthouse walls cheat.
The Snowballed Lighthouse

I have updated the Funny Pics page by three new pictures. Hope you like them!

Also there is some bad things.

Not so bad, but the second one was helped to prevent by wolf clan and Blondie.

1) Some guy with a Club Penguin site has been taking mine and paintboy100’s pictures from both of our sites. His site is and I want you all to get paintboy100’s attention about it and tell coolkid250 to stop taking my pictures!!!

2) Somebody called fallen159 has typed in a rude message which has now been deleted by me. According to others on this site, younger kids may get a bad influence from that. Thanks for helping with that problem, wolf clan and Blondie.

If you see a rude message, comment on it and I will get to work straight away to fix the problem.

December 22nd Party

December 22, 2006

HEY LET’S PARTY!!! Club Penguin has been all christmassed up! It’s great!!!

New Pin
Hey everybody the new pin (a candy cane) is in the night club behind the bottom right speaker.
Candy Cane Pin

Free Santa Hat
The free santa hat is in the snow forts just below the path to the town.
Free Santa Hats Stall

Free Beard
The free beards are in the plaza below the pizza parlor.
Free Santa Beard

Merry Christmas!


December 21, 2006

Hey how to nub I just worked it out. I dunno why it is called nubbing though.

To nub, go to and press F11 for full screen. Click on the white thing just below your chat box. Now you should be nubbing.